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How to Make Your Home Clean prior to hiring Professional Cleaners

Keller house cleaning

How do you get your home prepared

If you decide to engage an expert cleaning service is a smart choice. It actually is likely to be among the most beneficial decisions you make regarding your home at any time throughout the year. It isn’t a matter of what season it is, whether spring autumn, summer, or even winter, hiring a professional is a wise investment that should be considered the majority of the time.

The majority of the time hiring professional cleaners is the ideal option for homeowners in the majority. You can also consider the alternative of you’ll do the cleaning of your home yourself. It’s not an option that’s not bad at all since many people have a knack for doing it. If members of your family will assist, it can make it even easier.

For those who work full time, you cannot be wrong by employing a professional cleaner. You will receive top-quality cleaning services as well as more time for your other tasks. There’s less to worry about, as you’re sure of a high-quality job when you choose the top cleaning services.

There are things you can do even if you opt to engage professionals to do the job. These are generally things you can complete before the cleaning crew arrives as part of cleaning your house and other areas that will be cleaned.

Read this article so that you will know more information about how you can make your home clean prior to hiring professional cleaning services.


Before you hire or call any professional, it is necessary to clean out the various areas of your house first. It’s crucial to complete the decluttering ahead of time because it’s not the housekeeper’s job, and they’d rather not be able to do the work for you.

There are things in your house that you may want to eliminate already. If so, now is the best moment to get them cleaned out. You can eliminate them prior to the time that cleaners come to your home and begin their task.

Take a look at the options for storage

Although decluttering is the first step before cleaning time arrives, a second step is to evaluate the storage options available to you. This is crucial because your home may appear or feel overwhelmed or crowded. This could occur in spite of a meticulous cleaning process being completed.

If you could make use of some of your spaces or rooms for additional storage, your house will appear more spacious and well-organized. But what happens if the home does not have enough space to be used as storage? In this situation, you could have moved to a new location to store your items. Storage units are the most likely option and you could lease them and utilize it to store your belongings.

These two suggestions on getting your home clean prior to hiring professional cleaning services are helpful in preparing your home for this purpose. Once the cleaning is done it’s time to enjoy the time in your freshly cleaned home that is like new! Learn more about Keller house cleaning.

Tips for Choosing the Best House Cleaning Service in Texas

maid service Grand Prairie TX

Selecting the best House Cleaning Service

Tip 1: Stay Local

It’s not as simple as it seems it is, some people decide to search for the top cleaning service outside of their region which could be the wrong choice for many reasons.

If you decide to go with a firm located outside your region, it will be difficult making sure they show up at your location at the time they are supposed to. This can be due to closing or downed roads or other reasons however when it comes to timekeeping reliability choosing a local provider is an error.

Tip 2: Contact your family members and your friends

Don’t ask them to be an independent cleaning service. However, it’s not a bad idea to give them a try and ask them if they’ve had a cleaning service for their home which they would suggest to you.

One of the most effective methods to get feedback about a business is via word of mouth and if the individuals who you’re seeking recommendations are ones you know, you’re likely to select the Texas household cleaning company according to what they’ve said rather than relying on the word of other people that you don’t know.

Tip 3: Has been in the house-cleaning business for a long period of period of

However, this doesn’t mean an entirely new company won’t be able to be as successful as an established one since they’re all brands beginning to emerge at some point, it means that you may have fewer people to ask for feedback regarding their services.

One way it could be beneficial to you is that they might offer lower rates to become known in the marketplace. it all depends on the amount of risk you are willing to take on employing them.

4. What kind of cleaning are they doing?

There’s no reason to hire and availing assistance from the most reliable house cleaning service in Texas If you discover that they can’t perform everything you require and expect from a Texas cleaning company for your home Why would you want to employ them to complete the task and then need to clean windows and clean the floors on your own?

The price isn’t a problem, but be sure to know the price you’re paying first.

TIP 5: What’s the name of your cleaning person?

You’re interested in knowing whether the person you hire on your first day will be the same one that you will get each when you schedule a house cleaning. If you have come to trust and know one person and have them tell you how you would like things done, you will not want to hire new people, and then describe again how you’d like things done, or the best place to place things after cleaning, for example. It may take some time to become comfortable with someone coming into your home for cleaning. Ensure you can assure them that it’s the same cleaning service every time.

Tip 6: Gaining Access

This is something many people do not think about when thinking of hiring a house-cleaning company in Texas.

Are you planning to be around to welcome them and then let them go after they’re done? Or, do you plan to give the keys away for their use and tidy your house with no one else home? It could come down to how secure you feel leaving keys around or handing them over to a firm to hold until the cleaner can enter your home to clean.

If you’re looking for house cleaning services in Texas but aren’t certain about what you should do to locate the top service, adhere to the suggestions above and you’ll soon have your house cleaned to par with your expectations with a Texas cleaning service you’ll be pleased to recommend your friends, family, and many others. Learn more about maid service in Grand Prairie TX.

How do you refinish Hardwood Flooring?

Hard Wood Flooring San Antonio TX

Refinishing Your Hardwood Flooring

If you’ve done a few projects with sanding, or an amount of carpentry, it’s the right time to proceed to finish hardwood floors. I suggest starting with a single bedroom. Do not begin in the hallway or even the entire home. Sanding floors on wood is laborious and time-consuming, so it is more beneficial to work on a smaller bedroom.

The tools you’ll need are:

1. Good dust masks. Rent a high-quality tool with a dust-free refinishing system.
2. Main sander. This could be a drum or belt sander.
3. Edger which is used to restore the edges, and near the wall.
4. Buffer to allow for the final smooth sanding of your hardwood floors.
5. Sand papers on each device. If you have a small space, purchase 40 grit 60 grit, and 80 100 grit for the principal sander. Purchase only one disc of each grit. For the edger, the same grits, but you’ll require 5 discs of each grade. If the dealer is near, you can always purchase more in case you need it. The usage of the sandpaper is contingent upon the finish applied to the hardwood flooring. Certain floors are painted. If you want to restore a floor that has been painted, make sure to purchase plenty of paper. It isn’t recommended to sand paint because most of them can create respiratory issues when they are sanded.
6. One 150 screen buffer as well as One 180 screen buffer.
7. vacuum
8. Sealer Finish, sealer, brush, and applicator for finishing.

You can lease these tools from the local rental place for tools. In Hawaii, particularly on Oahu, there are a couple of spots in the yellow pages.

1. Vacuum the room in the beginning.
2. You are going to use the main sander initially using 40 grit. Be sure you sand the wood floors using an even grain(run the sanding machine in the same way that boards are running)
3. Make sure that you’re working in a steady manner, and don’t stop the sander running.
4. Main sanders won’t be able to get near the walls This is why you will need an edger. You can use the same grit that is 40. You can remove the baseboards and put them once the relishing has been completed. If you decide not to put in baseboards, you’ll need to be extremely cautious not to touch the baseboards with an edger. You will then have to manually scrape off the unhandled space close to the baseboards.
5. Sand with the main sander using 60 grit and then the edger with another 60 grit.
6 Repeat the procedure using an 80-grit.
7. Reset the nails
8. Vacuum the floor thoroughly. Use the filler for wood by using a spatula of a large size.
9 Wait until your wood filler has dried. Drying time will vary according to where you live most likely in hot climates such as Hawaii, Texas, and California in the summer sun, after an hour, the filler will be dry and the wood floors are ready to sand once more.
10. Sand away the filler using 100 grit. If the filler disappears entirely after one slice then sand floors a second time.
11. Sand using edgers close to the wall with 100grit.
12. Vacuum the floor that has been sanded. Be sure that the floor is dry and free of dust.
13. Using buffer sand, 150 grit.
14 Vacuum once more and rub sand using 180 grit.
15 Vacuuming again excellently.
16 Apply hardwood floor sealer and wait until dry.
17 Paint two coats with the finish, following the directions of the manufacturer.

This is a straightforward method to refinish hardwood floors.

Here are a few more points that you must be aware of. Red and white oak floors are simple to finish. It is also easy to refinish the softer and Brazilian cherry is also easy to refinish, but the harder wood may require more paper. 

It is quite difficult to refinish, and also difficult to stain. Staining can be a bit more difficult than refinishing, the wood needs to be thoroughly sanded before you apply the stain. 

Bamboo floors can also be sanded however it is recommended to apply water-based finishes to bamboo. The most popular and eco-friendly flooring cork is not removed.

Keep Your Rooms at Home Clean With Lewisville’s Best Maid Service

Whether the cleaning of your home, office, or shop is done by doing it on your own and as per your standards and requirements, there should be a maid service involved. Most especially if you are a working person, it’s not possible for you to maintain and to keep your home clean all by yourself.

lewisville maid service

In this case, you need someone to assure that everything is cleaned and taken care of. As far as cleaning services in Lewisville, Texas are concerned, there are numerous choices or options to take for cleaning your rooms. You could hire maid cleaning services on a daily as well as monthly basis whichever are best suitable for you.

Before hiring maid services you must consider several things that will be helpful for cleaning your home, offices as well as shops. First of all, there are differences in charges for residential homes, for commercial offices or shops and schedules also be different for services to take place. You should inquire to them about their fees and charges which must be within your budget. You should make certain that the maid will be coming at the desired time as per your requested schedule. You should clearly specify the tasks, duties, and responsibilities that they have to accomplish on a daily as well as weekly basis.

If you own a commercial shop and you need maid services for 2 to 3 days in a week, you should inform them so that they could schedule and also work anywhere else in the rest of 3-4 days. There might be as well a case you only require for maid services only one or two days a week and to perform only certain tasks like cleaning the toilets, floors, tubs, windows and the other tasks that are difficult for you to do on your own. These kinds of work arrangements as well done by the maid for their clients in accordance with their needs and requirements. As a client, you should always ask about their expectations concerning their works and the fees that you are paying for the task.

There are lots of cleaning services agencies in Lewisville, Texas which provide the services at affordable rates and according to owners’ needs and requirements. You could go for them however always make sure that you should choose a reputable agency. Before choosing, you must ask about the quality of their services and the length from which they have been providing services in Lewisville, Texas. You should as well have several quotations from the different maid service providers and compare prices then choose the best one among them according to your distinctive needs and requirements, the one that also within your financial budget.

For all your maid cleaning services needs and requirements, hire our team at Lewisville’s Best Maid Services. 

Maid Services Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you exhausted doing all the household chores by yourself? Are you not getting time for yourself out from daily work? If yes, then you need to hire Maid Services. But hiring maid service Irving, Texas comes with advantages and disadvantages.

irving maid service

Having a maid, of course, provides you your free time and makes you free of pressure. But the issue here is that you’re spending money on the thing that most of the homeowners do on their own.

What To Know Before Doing Anything

If the idea of hiring a housemaid crossed your mind then make sure you go through this article which has detailed facts on the advantages and the disadvantages of having maid service in Irving, Texas.

Advantages of Having Maid Services:

  • Maids Have A Fixed Schedule: If you’re a busy person and have intended on cleaning the house after finishing up the other works you could face difficulties if certain more important work comes up. Nevertheless, hiring the services of a professional Irving’s Best Maid Services could save your time and effort by cleaning the house at a fixed time.
  • They Are Best At Their Job: Just like any other professional, a maid service staff knows what to do even better than you, because it’s their job. They know how to perform certain jobs when it comes to cleaning stuff. So it’d be best if you get to know that the maid could provide what you ask for since you don’t want them to mess up.
  • Having Your Own Free Time: Who likes to do the same sort of work each day which requires the most of your strength and doesn’t offer any money in return, what is the major reason why houses get dirty so easily? But having a housemaid you could have your own time to spare and do whatever you want.
  • You Don’t Have To Clean The Washroom Again: Most of us get lazy with the time and routine jobs all the time it makes our face dull and our body lazy. Not everyone likes to scrub floors of the bathroom. As well as having to go down a stinking place and clean it. So when you have a maid you don’t need to do these things on your own. Irving’s Best Maid Services could be the greatest solution.

Disadvantages Of Hiring A House Maid

  • Expensive in Contrast to Do It Yourself: When you do the work on your own you don’t have to spend any money on it. But when you hire a maid service you need to spend money to pay them for doing the job for you. Nowadays, hiring a housemaid or maid services might be really expensive depending on your house. So that is a problem for individuals who could not afford a maid service.
  • Having Trust Issues: Having a maid could make you paranoid every now and then. What if something happens to your valuable belongings? These sorts of questions keep hovering over your head. Having a maid requires a great deal of trust as you’re allowing a stranger into your home and do the cleaning work while you are away. So you need to trust them which is hard to do quite often, as you don’t know what will be the consequences of trusting them.

For reliable maid cleaning services in Irving, Texas you could trust our team at Irving’s Best Maid Services. We always make sure that your spending on us is worthy through our high-quality cleaning services, you will certainly be satisfied.

The Different Details of Metal Roofing Installation

Metal is one of the most popular materials used in roofing. Plenty of homes and businesses use this type of roofing material.  There are several good reasons why this is a fact. 

roofing haslet

First, it’s one of the most durable haslet roofing materials available. That’s such a necessary quality, whether it’s for residential or commercial roofing.

Since it’s a very durable material, it’s capable of lasting a long time. Owners can count on their metal roofing to last for a lot of years or even decades if it’s properly maintained.

Metal roofing is also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. It also offers relatively low maintenance costs, further proof that it’s a great investment for home and business owners.

As far as the installation methods used in metal roofing, there are a few factors you need to look at. Take a look at the different details of metal roofing installation that you need to know about.

Metal Roofing Installation Details

One of the first things that you need to realize about metal roofing installation is that it’s either a new construction or a retrofit. It’s just a choice between those two as there is no third option available.

Installation for New Construction

Installing metal roofing for new construction is only possible when the shell of the building is already complete. 

The building’s contractor usually looks forward to installing the roof since it’s important that the building is protected from the elements. It’s also the point where interior work can be started.

Installation for Retrofit Projects

When it comes to installing metal roofing for retrofit projects, two options are open to the contractor. It’s either recover/overlay or remove and replace.

The first option, which is recover/overlay, is going to leave the existing roof in place. By doing so, the roofing contractor eliminates the need to tear off and then dispose of the old roof as well as its ancillary components. The corresponding expenses are also obviously eliminated.

However, there are roofing projects where the recover/overlay option is not practical to use or simply not possible. In those cases, the contractor is going to suggest the other option, which is to remove and replace.

There are a couple of major reasons why a roofing contractor would choose to use remove and replace instead of the other option. 

The first is when the local building codes dictate it. There are jurisdictions that will allow recover applications for one or two existing layers of shingles. The existing roof will need to be removed if the number of layers of shingles goes beyond code requirements.

Another reason is when the roof happens to have leaks. There is a very good chance that there would be damaged wood decking and that would have to be replaced. A very thorough inspection of the existing roof needs to be conducted by the haslet tx roofing contractor to see if there is any water damage.

The above are just some of the different details of metal roofing installation. There are plenty of other details that you’re likely to learn about once you do get involved in an installation process, whether it’s for your home or commercial building.

Your DIY Guide to Hardwood Installation

To go full DIY on any home improvement project is to go on an adventure. It might not always be smooth sailing, but it will always be exciting. That latter part is certainly for sure, whatever the project. So if you ever choose to go down that route, you better be ready for anything.

Dallas Hardwood Floors
Dallas Hardwood Floors

Like when you decide to go DIY with installing your hardwood flooring. Hardwood is one of the most popular materials used for flooring and with good reason. It offers several benefits that few other materials can match. Hardwood Floors Dallas looks great and is durable at the same time. 

But what’s the process of installing it on a DIY basis? How do you go about it if it’s solely on your own? Check out your DIY guide to hardwood installation.


  • Tape Measure
  • Pry Bar
  • Drill Bits
  • Ear Protection
  • Staple Gun
  • Variable Speed Drill
  • Hammer
  • Chop Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Chalk Line
  • Nail Set
  • Safety Goggles


  • Hardwood
  • Modular Porch System Kit
  • Pneumatic Flooring Package
  • Vapor Barrier Paper
  • Wood Putty

The Process

This is the process that you need to follow for a successful DIY installation of your hardwood flooring:

STEP #1 – Choose the Hardwood

The first step is to choose the hardwood species and board widths that will be used for the DIY installation.

STEP #2 – Measure the Space

You’ll need to measure the space the hardwood will be installed. If it’s your bedroom, measure its length and width to get the area. 

STEP #3 – Check Out the Sub-Floor

Next, check out the sub-floor. You need to make sure that the floor is not squeaky. If there is, screw a long drywall screw into the joist and sub-floor where the squeaking is. 

STEP #4 – Start Rolling Out the Vapor Barrier Paper

Start rolling out the strip of vapor barrier paper. You’ll have to allow an overlap of at least 4”. Staple it securely to the sub-floor.

STEP #5 – Start With the Installation Process

Start installing at the longest unobstructed wall in the room. The shoe molding needs to be removed and a chalk line that’s ⅜” from the baseboard needs to be made.

STEP #6 – Place the Boards

Start placing the boards. Choose a long one for the first row. Align the board’s edge with the clark line. Drill holes through the hardwood plank and into the sub-floor and joist. 

STEP #7 – Hand Nail Each of the Rolls

Once the first few rows are installed, drill pilot holes into the tongue of each board. Hand nail the rolls until enough clearance is achieved for the pneumatic nail gun.

STEP #8 – Staple the Boards

Use the pneumatic nail gun and then strike firmly using the mallet to drive the staple into the hardwood plank’s tongue. 

STEP #9 – Cut the Baseboard

Choose a piece that’s going to fit and leave 10 to 12 inches before cutting it off. The other piece should be used for the start of the next row.

STEP #10 – Fill the Gaps

Always cut the wall end of the wood so that the groove that fits to the tongue is not cut off.

STEP #11 – Put the Last Board Into Place

Fit the last board into place but leave a ⅜” gap at the end wall. This space is for expansion and contraction purposes.

STEP #12 – Fill All the Holes With Wood Putty

Fill any holes using wood putty. Just make sure that the putty matches the flooring. Wipe away any excess.

To fully complete your DIY guide to hardwood installation, you only need to make sure that you practice proper hardwood flooring maintenance.

Common Mistakes in DIY Bathtub Refinishing

Making the choice to go the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) route in bathtub refinishing is commendable. First of all, bathtub refinishing is not a simple process by any means. Not a lot of people would attempt to do it. They wouldn’t want to take such huge risks with their bathtub.

However. There are those who are bold enough to do it. And since you’ve always fancied yourself to be a DIY guy, you’ve decided to go for it. Still, you’ll have to recognize that there’s a danger there. You need to accept the fact that you could make mistakes.

What are those potential mistakes? Take a look at some of the most common mistakes from Bathtub Refinishing Grapevine TX in DIY bathtub refinishing.

Not Preparing the Tub Properly

A lot of DIY practitioners make the mistake of not preparing the tub properly before starting any work on it. There’s actually a lot of work to do before you even get to actually working on the tub. First of all. Make sure that you remove all of the hardware from your tub, such as faucets and drain rings. After the hardware is removed, scrub the tub down thoroughly. Sand the tub with the use of fine-grit sandpaper several times over before cleaning the tub to make sure that there’s no dust or dirt left. All of this is to guarantee that the finish will be very smooth once everything is finished. And it’s part of the preparation before the actual refinishing is done.


Fading in the color is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to DIY bathtub refinishing. It’s not a good look and certainly would make the tub look as though it hadn’t gone through the refinishing process at all. The possible reason for the fading? It happens when the coating that will be used for refinishing is mixed too thinly. Another possible reason for fading is when the wrong materials are mixed. When the coating is too thinly mixed, then eventually some of the tub’s original surface is going to show. 

Not Enough Drying Time

Another common mistake that’s often made in DIY bathtub refinishing is not allowing for enough drying time. This is what you should do after you’re done with the entire process of preparing your bathtub. It involved cleaning, sanding, and then cleaning again. The bathtub should be given a few hours to dry properly. You’ll have to be absolutely sure that there is no more moisture left as it will likely interfere with the refinishing process and you don’t want that. One possible problem is that the new coating might not even adhere when you apply it. 

Refinishing your own bathtub is not a walk in the park. Even if you’ve got a little experience, it’s still not going to be easy. Mistakes are just waiting to happen and seem to be just around the corner so the need to be extra-careful is huge. Knowing some of the most common mistakes in DIY bathtub refinishing will help you and other homeowners be aware of and capable of avoiding them.

How to Refinish Your Bathtub the DIY Way

Everyone seems to be into DIY these days. DIY, as you probably well know, means Do-It-Yourself and it can be about almost anything. Although it’s usually most used to describe something that’s done within the home. Like fixing your own roof, flooring, or your own bathtub, for example.

Arlington TX Bathtub

Now bathtub refinishing isn’t easy. It’s quite complicated especially for beginners, but then most DIY projects are like that. Anyone who wants to DIY their bathtub refinishing project better be ready for the challenges that it will have. If you want to do it, then you could use some guidance to pull it off.

So here are the steps from Bathtub Refinishing Arlington TX that would ultimately show you how to refinish your bathtub – the DIY way:

Step #1 – Clean the Bathtub

The first step is to make sure that your bathtub is clean. In many ways, this is the most important step since none of the things that you’ll do afterward will matter much if you don’t clean it properly at the start.

To start, remove all of the hardware from the bathtub. Do not forget to include the caulk in the things that you’re going to remove. In order to clean your bathtub as thoroughly as possible, use a decreaser.

Step #2 – Start Repairing the Chips

You’ll need to start repairing the chips in your tub. Since your tub has been in use for years, it’s bound to have chips on it and it could have a lot. 

For the repair, you’ll need to mix a two-part epoxy filler. Mix it until the epoxy is able to form a paste-like consistency. 

Use a putty knife to apply the epoxy in order to fill any chips that your bathtub might have. To remove any excess epoxy, use the putty knife to scrape it away. This will help reduce the sanding time later on.

Step #3 – Take Care of Rough Spots

After the epoxy has hardened, you can start smoothing out any rough spots that you see in the bathtub. Use a utility knife for the purpose. And if you don’t have that, you can also use sandpaper or orbital sander.

Step #4 – Scrub the Bathtub

Time for you to scrub the bathtub. For that purpose, you will need to use either sandpaper or steel wool. Scrub the bathtub three times and in between the scrubbings, vacuum the surface as well.

Step #5 – Cover Some of the Areas

Cover the areas that need to be specifically protected in the bathtub. There are several ways to cover those areas. You could use paper, tape, or a drop cloth for the purpose.

Step #6 – Start Applying the Paint

To get the best results for your bathtub refinishing projects, you will need to apply paint to your bathtub. Use an air compressor to spray paint the bathtub with the color of your choice. If you are not able to spray paint your tub, then using a paintbrush is also an effective way to do it. Apply a second coat after letting the first coat dry for 15 to 20 minutes.

This simple guide on how to refinish your bathtub the DIY way will allow you to do the process correctly and get the results you want.

Pros and Cons of Bathtub Refinishing

You and your bathtub are at an important point in your relationship. After many years of being together, you have to accept the fact that your bathtub is already worn and old. Things can’t continue as they are at present. You’re left with two major options. Either you refinish or you replace your bathtub.

dallas bathtub refinishing
Dallas Bathtub Refinishing

The truth is that you’re favoring bathtub refinishing over replacement. You were of that mind when you found out that the replacement process is going to cost a lot more. That’s why you decided to explore the possibility of refinishing your bathtub more. But you decided that you’d want to look at its pros and cons first.

What are the pros and cons of bathtub refinishing? Check out this article from Bathtub Refinishing Dallas TX which is very helpful. Please read on to find out as we start with the pros.

Pros of Bathtub Refinishing

These are the major reasons why you need to go for bathtub refinishing:

1. Refinishing is More Affordable

Refinishing is the more affordable option, especially when compared to buying a new one. Even though the actual price of a new tub isn’t that high, the entire process of bathtub replacement is what will make it go through the roof. Refinishing will allow you to save a little more when it comes to the costs.

2. You Can Change the Color of Your Bathtub

It’s easy enough to change the color of your bathtub through refinishing. Some colors are no longer in vogue and you want to be more updated. This is particularly true for bathtubs that are quite old. You need an update and refinishing will be able to give it to you.

3. Refinishing Takes Less Time

Refinishing isn’t going to take up too much time. Time is always precious and it needs to be used wisely, even in refinishing your bathtub. It would be done in as fast as a day or two. Replacing your bathtub will take a far longer time than that. So for the sake of convenience, you’d want a much quicker option and that’s refinishing.

Cons of Bathtub Refinishing

On the other hand, these are some of the reasons why you might think twice before going for refinishing:

1. Not Going to Last as Long as a New Bathtub

Refinishing might result in nice-looking tubs but it’s not going to last long. At least, not as long as getting a new one as a replacement. A new one will last for decades while a refinished bathtub is only good for about 10 to 15 years at the most.

2. Uses Harsh Chemicals

Another downside to refinishing is the use of harsh chemicals. Now, this can be a real problem since it can affect a person’s health. When you buy a replacement bathtub, then this issue will not be a problem at all. 

3. Can Only be Done Once

Refinishing can usually happen only once. After that, you’ll likely need to buy a new replacement. Of course, when it comes to replacing your old bathtub, there is no limit to how many times you can do that. You can replace it once every couple of years if you want to.

These are some prime examples of the pros and cons of bathtub refinishing. We can add to this list, but these are some of the most important ones that need to be talked about.

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