Making the choice to go the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) route in bathtub refinishing is commendable. First of all, bathtub refinishing is not a simple process by any means. Not a lot of people would attempt to do it. They wouldn’t want to take such huge risks with their bathtub.

However. There are those who are bold enough to do it. And since you’ve always fancied yourself to be a DIY guy, you’ve decided to go for it. Still, you’ll have to recognize that there’s a danger there. You need to accept the fact that you could make mistakes.

What are those potential mistakes? Take a look at some of the most common mistakes from Bathtub Refinishing Grapevine TX in DIY bathtub refinishing.

Not Preparing the Tub Properly

A lot of DIY practitioners make the mistake of not preparing the tub properly before starting any work on it. There’s actually a lot of work to do before you even get to actually working on the tub. First of all. Make sure that you remove all of the hardware from your tub, such as faucets and drain rings. After the hardware is removed, scrub the tub down thoroughly. Sand the tub with the use of fine-grit sandpaper several times over before cleaning the tub to make sure that there’s no dust or dirt left. All of this is to guarantee that the finish will be very smooth once everything is finished. And it’s part of the preparation before the actual refinishing is done.


Fading in the color is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to DIY bathtub refinishing. It’s not a good look and certainly would make the tub look as though it hadn’t gone through the refinishing process at all. The possible reason for the fading? It happens when the coating that will be used for refinishing is mixed too thinly. Another possible reason for fading is when the wrong materials are mixed. When the coating is too thinly mixed, then eventually some of the tub’s original surface is going to show. 

Not Enough Drying Time

Another common mistake that’s often made in DIY bathtub refinishing is not allowing for enough drying time. This is what you should do after you’re done with the entire process of preparing your bathtub. It involved cleaning, sanding, and then cleaning again. The bathtub should be given a few hours to dry properly. You’ll have to be absolutely sure that there is no more moisture left as it will likely interfere with the refinishing process and you don’t want that. One possible problem is that the new coating might not even adhere when you apply it. 

Refinishing your own bathtub is not a walk in the park. Even if you’ve got a little experience, it’s still not going to be easy. Mistakes are just waiting to happen and seem to be just around the corner so the need to be extra-careful is huge. Knowing some of the most common mistakes in DIY bathtub refinishing will help you and other homeowners be aware of and capable of avoiding them.