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Refinishing Your Hardwood Flooring

If you’ve done a few projects with sanding, or an amount of carpentry, it’s the right time to proceed to finish hardwood floors. I suggest starting with a single bedroom. Do not begin in the hallway or even the entire home. Sanding floors on wood is laborious and time-consuming, so it is more beneficial to work on a smaller bedroom.

The tools you’ll need are:

1. Good dust masks. Rent a high-quality tool with a dust-free refinishing system.
2. Main sander. This could be a drum or belt sander.
3. Edger which is used to restore the edges, and near the wall.
4. Buffer to allow for the final smooth sanding of your hardwood floors.
5. Sand papers on each device. If you have a small space, purchase 40 grit 60 grit, and 80 100 grit for the principal sander. Purchase only one disc of each grit. For the edger, the same grits, but you’ll require 5 discs of each grade. If the dealer is near, you can always purchase more in case you need it. The usage of the sandpaper is contingent upon the finish applied to the hardwood flooring. Certain floors are painted. If you want to restore a floor that has been painted, make sure to purchase plenty of paper. It isn’t recommended to sand paint because most of them can create respiratory issues when they are sanded.
6. One 150 screen buffer as well as One 180 screen buffer.
7. vacuum
8. Sealer Finish, sealer, brush, and applicator for finishing.

You can lease these tools from the local rental place for tools. In Hawaii, particularly on Oahu, there are a couple of spots in the yellow pages.

1. Vacuum the room in the beginning.
2. You are going to use the main sander initially using 40 grit. Be sure you sand the wood floors using an even grain(run the sanding machine in the same way that boards are running)
3. Make sure that you’re working in a steady manner, and don’t stop the sander running.
4. Main sanders won’t be able to get near the walls This is why you will need an edger. You can use the same grit that is 40. You can remove the baseboards and put them once the relishing has been completed. If you decide not to put in baseboards, you’ll need to be extremely cautious not to touch the baseboards with an edger. You will then have to manually scrape off the unhandled space close to the baseboards.
5. Sand with the main sander using 60 grit and then the edger with another 60 grit.
6 Repeat the procedure using an 80-grit.
7. Reset the nails
8. Vacuum the floor thoroughly. Use the filler for wood by using a spatula of a large size.
9 Wait until your wood filler has dried. Drying time will vary according to where you live most likely in hot climates such as Hawaii, Texas, and California in the summer sun, after an hour, the filler will be dry and the wood floors are ready to sand once more.
10. Sand away the filler using 100 grit. If the filler disappears entirely after one slice then sand floors a second time.
11. Sand using edgers close to the wall with 100grit.
12. Vacuum the floor that has been sanded. Be sure that the floor is dry and free of dust.
13. Using buffer sand, 150 grit.
14 Vacuum once more and rub sand using 180 grit.
15 Vacuuming again excellently.
16 Apply hardwood floor sealer and wait until dry.
17 Paint two coats with the finish, following the directions of the manufacturer.

This is a straightforward method to refinish hardwood floors.

Here are a few more points that you must be aware of. Red and white oak floors are simple to finish. It is also easy to refinish the softer and Brazilian cherry is also easy to refinish, but the harder wood may require more paper. 

It is quite difficult to refinish, and also difficult to stain. Staining can be a bit more difficult than refinishing, the wood needs to be thoroughly sanded before you apply the stain. 

Bamboo floors can also be sanded however it is recommended to apply water-based finishes to bamboo. The most popular and eco-friendly flooring cork is not removed.