You and your bathtub are at an important point in your relationship. After many years of being together, you have to accept the fact that your bathtub is already worn and old. Things can’t continue as they are at present. You’re left with two major options. Either you refinish or you replace your bathtub.

dallas bathtub refinishing
Dallas Bathtub Refinishing

The truth is that you’re favoring bathtub refinishing over replacement. You were of that mind when you found out that the replacement process is going to cost a lot more. That’s why you decided to explore the possibility of refinishing your bathtub more. But you decided that you’d want to look at its pros and cons first.

What are the pros and cons of bathtub refinishing? Check out this article from Bathtub Refinishing Dallas TX which is very helpful. Please read on to find out as we start with the pros.

Pros of Bathtub Refinishing

These are the major reasons why you need to go for bathtub refinishing:

1. Refinishing is More Affordable

Refinishing is the more affordable option, especially when compared to buying a new one. Even though the actual price of a new tub isn’t that high, the entire process of bathtub replacement is what will make it go through the roof. Refinishing will allow you to save a little more when it comes to the costs.

2. You Can Change the Color of Your Bathtub

It’s easy enough to change the color of your bathtub through refinishing. Some colors are no longer in vogue and you want to be more updated. This is particularly true for bathtubs that are quite old. You need an update and refinishing will be able to give it to you.

3. Refinishing Takes Less Time

Refinishing isn’t going to take up too much time. Time is always precious and it needs to be used wisely, even in refinishing your bathtub. It would be done in as fast as a day or two. Replacing your bathtub will take a far longer time than that. So for the sake of convenience, you’d want a much quicker option and that’s refinishing.

Cons of Bathtub Refinishing

On the other hand, these are some of the reasons why you might think twice before going for refinishing:

1. Not Going to Last as Long as a New Bathtub

Refinishing might result in nice-looking tubs but it’s not going to last long. At least, not as long as getting a new one as a replacement. A new one will last for decades while a refinished bathtub is only good for about 10 to 15 years at the most.

2. Uses Harsh Chemicals

Another downside to refinishing is the use of harsh chemicals. Now, this can be a real problem since it can affect a person’s health. When you buy a replacement bathtub, then this issue will not be a problem at all. 

3. Can Only be Done Once

Refinishing can usually happen only once. After that, you’ll likely need to buy a new replacement. Of course, when it comes to replacing your old bathtub, there is no limit to how many times you can do that. You can replace it once every couple of years if you want to.

These are some prime examples of the pros and cons of bathtub refinishing. We can add to this list, but these are some of the most important ones that need to be talked about.